5.11 Military Molle Pack CCW and Laptop Compartment Review

511 tactical backpack a rush 12 20 a military molle pack ccw and laptop compartment 24 liter small style 56561 black


Great for carrying heavy laptop and day hikes

As someone who constantly needs to carry around a laptop, I needed a backpack that was durable enough to withstand the weight and protect my electronics. The 5.11 Tactical Backpack has been my go-to since I purchased it. The fabric is strong and the support system prevents any potential damage to my back. I’ve taken this backpack on day hikes as well, and it has held up incredibly well under heavy weight and constant movement.

Sturdy bag with lots of strap loops

One of the standout features of this backpack is the ample amount of strap loops all over the outside. I’ve been able to connect whatever I need to this backpack, whether it be an AirTag or a carabiner to hold my water bottle. The material is thick and doesn’t show any signs of wear or tear. I’ve used this backpack for months now and it still looks like it’s brand new.

No hip belt/support, but can easily add an aftermarket one

One downside to this backpack is that it doesn’t come with a hip belt or support, but it’s easy enough to add on an aftermarket one if necessary. For me, this wasn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on using this backpack for extended hiking trips.

In conclusion, the 5.11 Tactical Backpack is a fantastic investment for anyone who needs a sturdy and durable backpack. It’s great for carrying your laptop and any other essentials you may need for the day, as well as holding up under heavy weight and constant movement. The strap loops provide ample opportunities for customization, and while it may be lacking in hip support, it’s easy enough to add on an aftermarket one. I highly recommend this backpack for anyone in need of a reliable and long-lasting backpack.


Not very comfortable, especially for taller individuals

After using the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment for some time now, I have found that it is not particularly comfortable, especially for taller individuals. Some of the reviewers have also mentioned the same issue.

The pal webs on the shoulder strap are too close to the face, making them somewhat useless. Also, the shoulder straps feel like they are made for a smaller person, and I had to move the chest strap down to the bottom pal web to be able to use it comfortably.

Connective collar thing on straps redistributes weight well

On the bright side, the connective collar thing on the straps redistributes weight nicely, so it feels good on my back while carrying a heavier load.

In Conclusion, While the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment is great for its durability and plenty of pockets for smaller items, it falls short in the comfort aspect, particularly for taller individuals. However, with the connective collar thing on straps redistributing weight well, it’s still a good choice if you’re not too picky about comfort.

5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment, 24 Liter, Small, Style 56561, Black

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Ergonomic to Front Carry

As a frequent commuter, I prioritize comfort and convenience when it comes to backpacks. The 5.11 Military Molle Pack guarantees both. Even when I have to front carry to access my laptop or other essentials quickly, the bag’s ergonomic design doesn’t hurt my shoulders or body. Plus, it has an excellent grip, so I can rest my hands when needed.

Easy Access to All Compartments

For me, having quick access to my stuff without having to fumble through numerous pockets is important. This bag allows me access to all compartments at ease. The compartments are spacious, and even though it looks small, it is surprisingly roomy. The laptop sleeve fits my 17″ HP laptop perfectly, leaving enough room for chargers, pads, and other accessories.

Great for Back Carrying During Hiking and Backpacking

On weekends, I like to go hiking or backpacking. This bag is perfect for these activities since it is sturdy enough to handle rough terrain. It distributes the weight equally across my back, reducing strain on my shoulders and back. I also like the numerous strap loops, which allow me to connect carabiners, AirTags, and other essentials without a hitch.

Overall, the 5.11 Military Molle Pack is an excellent all-purpose backpack with versatility and durability. It’s great for everyday use, traveling, and just about any activity you can think of.

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Laptop Compartment

Slightly difficult to insert and remove larger laptops

The laptop compartment of the 5.11 Military Molle Pack CCW and Laptop Compartment is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it offers complete security and protection to your laptop as it has padding at the front and back. On the other hand, it may be slightly difficult to insert larger laptops, and this can be a bit of a hassle for users. Some reviewers have noted that the laptop compartment isn’t spacious enough to accommodate larger laptops easily.

Fits 17” HP perfectly

For those who own an HP with a 17” screen, the laptop compartment is perfect. It fits the laptop snuggly and securely, providing good protection even in the harshest environments. You won’t have to worry about any damage to your laptop as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Not a ton of storage left for other items

Due to the laptop compartment’s size, there isn’t a ton of storage space left for other items. However, there is enough space in the bag to carry additional accessories and a few other small items. You can easily fit your laptop charger, headset, and iPhone charger without any problems. Just don’t expect to carry a lot of other stuff with you.

Overall, the laptop compartment of the 5.11 Military Molle Pack CCW and Laptop Compartment provides good protection to your laptop, although you may encounter some difficulty if you’re trying to insert larger laptops. The bag’s limited storage space shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for anyone looking for a good laptop bag.


Nice Looking

When I first saw the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0, I thought it looked great. The black color is very sleek and professional, making it perfect for both urban or outdoor activities. I love the minimalistic design, without any distracting or gaudy graphics or logos.

Option to Add Velcro Patches

One of the things that drew me to this backpack was the option to add Velcro patches. These can be used for customization, personalization, or identification. I bought a few patches with my name and country flag, and they attach really well to the Velcro panels on the front and the strap.

Overall, the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 looks and feels like a high-quality and durable backpack. It is waterproof, with sturdy zippers, and MOLLE webbing for attaching additional gear. The only downside is that it may be too small for those with bigger laptops, but for me, it is just the right size and I use it every day.

5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment, 24 Liter, Small, Style 56561, Black


When I purchased the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 – Military Molle Pack, CCW and Laptop Compartment, I was a bit skeptical about its size. However, upon receiving it, I realized it was quite spacious on the inside! Though it may look small on the outside, it’s perfect for carrying all my essentials such as my laptop and iPad.

One thing to note is that there isn’t a ton of storage left over for other items, but with all the pockets available, I can still carry my smaller items with ease. And, even with all my belongings inside, the backpack remains comfortable to wear due to its durable and ergonomic backing.

In terms of the laptop compartment, I appreciate the padding in front and behind it for extra protection. I was able to fit my 17″ HP laptop inside without any issues. Overall, I think this backpack is worth every dollar and serves its purpose as a great everyday carry option.

Additional Features

No side pocket for water bottle

I’ve been using the 5.11 Tactical Backpack – Rush 12 2.0 for a while, and I must say that I find it quite useful. Nevertheless, there is one thing I’d love to see added to the design: a side pocket for my water bottle. I do enjoy the fact that there are tons of strap loops on the backpack, and I can connect whatever I want with ease. However, the absence of a side pocket for my water bottle is a bit of a downside.

Lots of strap loops for connecting items such as carabiners and AirTags

The strap loops really come in handy, making it easy to connect a variety of items to the backpack. I’ve attached my AirTag on one side, and a carabiner on the other side to attach my yeti. The connecting collar between the left and right strap is a great feature, making it very comfortable to wear and take the weight off the bag.

Overall, the backpack is ruggedly constructed, with a thick and frayed material. The black color is dark and deep, which I like. It’s perfect for my 17″ HP laptop, although larger laptops might have a bit of difficulty fitting in and out. If you’re not using the stowing sleeve for the laptop, it’s easy to go in and out. The backpack is not too big, just the right size for my everyday use, and I appreciate the Velcro spots where I can attach my US flag and name patches.

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