When looking to build a powerful image for your business, a logo plays a significant role. No wonder that small and large-scale business owners today make a point to design stunning logos for their businesses before they start operations. There are many logo types you can create depending on the nature of your business, such as animated logos, abstract logos, clip art logos and much more. If you’re running an animated business, an animated logo would be great. If your business focuses on fashion, then you’d better choose an abstract logo.

Free logo maker generators are great options when looking to create your business logo without paying a dime. They are easy to download once you create one, and the fact that you can still create a great logo with them for free, many new business owners today prefer them. But the big question is: Are free logo maker generators worth it? Read on to find out:

The upsides to free logo maker software

The first benefit of free logo maker software is that it’s free. But while free is good, they almost always come with an advert or something promotional to cater for the cost of offering you the software for free. So you might come across a lot of pop up ads, or banners all over the software’s homepage and there is nothing you can do to disable them. These pop-ups and banners can be annoying.

Another upside to free online logo maker and download software is that you can easily download your logo. Once you create your logo, save it and download it to your computer.

Free logo maker generators are pretty easy to use. That means anyone, regardless of their logo design skills can make a logo with it.

The downsides to free logo maker software

Because the logo makers are free, they have limitations. They don’t have a free trial period, and there is no software update. Updates make software easy to use and you can find great features for creating eye-catching logos.

They feature clipart images that will not do your logo any favors. Cliparts have been extensively sued until they’ve become a cliché. Besides logo makers, graphic designers use cliparts every day to complete their projects.


With this discussion, you can decide for yourself whether a free logo maker generator is the best option for your business. But if you have a reasonable budget, you can always go for paid logo maker generators. They have more robust features that can help you create your logo quickly.